Creation and direction of Karin Elmore
In collaboration with Claire Camus, Alonso Nuñez and Lucía Rua
And with Raquel Alegría, Brian Cano, Jennifer Parra and Gonzalo Del Aguila

In SOPLO the bodies move reinventing or rediscovering the relationship with the interior spaces, bodies are undoing and unfolding the geographies of the psyche and subjectivities. The notions of time and space are disrupted, the glance is altered.

The scenes, sounds, visual and corporal are happening one after the other, like a torrent, with the intention of provoking, another perspective of this territory in which we live, the place of all.

Presented in the Sótano Festival 2, of the Theater of the University of the Pacific, Lima, July of 2016.


SOPLO from karin elmore on Vimeo.