With: Claire Camus, Karin Elmore, Lucía Rúa Bustamante and Jennifer Parra.

April: MATE (Museo Mario Testino)
September: circuito del Británico
October: Indisciplinados II

The “6 Studies of form and color" are a series of pieces that are being built and unfolded in front of us in the art gallery during the action.

The subject of work is the observation and creation of meaning starting just form bodies of different forms and "colors", producing meaning from nothing; different senses that appear and disappear before our eyes, product only of the interaction of color and the form of bodies in time and space, the interaction between those who look and those who do, roles are alternating, drawing and blurring during the performance.

In a sort of sculpture of time and space, writing in the air, the "actors-dancers" move, sometimes alone, sometimes with very simple objects such as papers and sacks, which are also created or modified in the course of action.

The rhythm of action proposes a rupture of temporality commonly imposed, to reinvent in each action a different perception of time; at the same time that the boundaries between the spectator and the actors are constantly blurring and redrawing.

Duration: 45 minutes
Meeting with the public after the performance.
Maximum for 70 people in the public

Presented in Lima at the MATE (Museo Mario Testino), april 2016, and Festival Indisciplinados, MAC (museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Lima), october 2016.

Estudios de Forma y Color 1 from karin elmore on Vimeo.